Child Abuse Defense

Child Abuse Defense

There is nothing more devastating to a parent than having their child put into foster care.  The Division of Child Protection & Permanency's (DCP&P, formerly known as DYFS) legal authority to take your children away is one of the most powerful, and most frequently abused powers of government. Unlike criminal law, there is no right to remain silent, no search warrant needed, and any call into the child abuse hotline gives DCP&P authority to invade your home and take your child.

DCP&P law is a highly specialized area of the law - lawyers who do not have significant experience in DCP&P litigation are ill-equipped to adequately represent you.

Consulting with an experienced DCP&P defense attorney as soon as DCP&P knocks on your door is imperative.

Mr. McGinty has years of experience and has conducted hundreds of trials in DCP&P Court regarding Abuse & Neglect and Termination of Parental Rights. There are hundreds of families who have been reunited thanks to Mr. McGinty's expert advocacy.

Getting your child back home is his #1 priority. He fights for his parent-clients as if his own children were removed.


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